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How to save time in a kitchen?

Do you spend lot of time to cook for you and your family? Does your kitchen looks like a battlefield after you are done cooking? If the answer is yes to this question here is few tips to do more in less time and having fun cooking.

Keep your kitchen clean

Before to start cooking have clean your place. You’ll see it will be easier to start, and keep clean while your cook. You don’t need the eggs anymore? Bring them back where they belong. If you do it right you will always have the space you need, and cooking will be much easier in the same time

Get good tools

Alright this one is really simple, if you have bad tools to cook, you will spend more time and destroy all the fun of cooking. For instance really good knife make a really difference, if you have to cute 20 vegetable with a barely sharp knife you will destroy all the fun first and the amount of energy and time you’ll loose will be really high. Check the basic tools:

  • Knifes (or at least check if you can sharp them)
  • Stove (a non sticky stove will save you lot of time and nerves)
  • Heat source (Fire is the best but induction is also good)

You got the idea, check every tools you use daily and or the missing, no need to be fancy.

Order your cooking in a logical way

When your cook, there is many dead time, when something cook, or when you have to leave something resting. Use this time to do the rest and not to wait. It also means you do not have to cook in the order where you will eat the dishes. For instance you can make your oven dish and when it’s cooking you can start doing your salad. It’s ok if you did not start by doing the salad, nobody will notice it ;)

With the same idea do not start doing something you will need at the end of your cooking, because the ingredient waiting to be processed will take place and be on the way.

Make the right quantity

When you cook you do not need to cook for 20 peoples if only two people will eat. You will save lot of time, lot of food and lot of space by doing only the quantity you’ll eat. If you do too much there is two likely scenario:

  • You and other will eat your dish till they got sick of it
  • You will froze for month till you forget what is was and will throw it away because it’s more sure.

Just do what you need …

Be organized

Have you noticed that all the video of chef cooking start with all the ingredient ready for the recipe? It make things easier when everything you need is close to you and you do not have run after each item. Having the right timing in cooking (like in life) is much more important than speed. Be organized and do every thing step by step, you’ll see a big difference.

Keep it simple and simple

Alright, this sentence is my philosophy of life, I use it for work and for sport. If you have good ingredient you do not need to add extra spice or extra layers. Usually the simpler the better. Doing so you will keep your recipe simple and guess what? It will be faster to be done.

To finish

Here is the rule I follow when I cook, and it help me for cooking but I also extend it to work and training (I adapt it a little off course)

What tips you use? Are you messy when it comes to cook? Let me know in the comments