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Paella de marisco

This time it’s a recipe from Africa. A paella marisco (with seafood) let’s see how to make it:

You need two things, first a fish soup that you will use to cook the rice and then the soup


The fish soup

  • Rest of rocks fish (head, body)
  • One onion
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Leaks
  • Spices
  • Sweet Spanish pepper
  • 4 L of water

The paella

  • 400g rice
  • mussel
  • squid
  • Fish (What you like)
  • tomatoes puree
  • food coloring (yellow) or saffron


  • Prepare the soup, cook all the ingredient
  • Cook the mussels
  • When the soup is cooked, filter it and keep it
  • In a paella pan cook garlic in olive oil
  • Then cook the squid in the oil and after add the rice
  • Cook the rice shortly with the tomatoes puree and then add the soup in the rice
  • Add food coloring or saffron
  • when the rice is almost cooked add the mussel and the shrimp
  • Let it cook till there is almost no water
  • Wait 10 minute to let the paella cool down
  • Enjoy

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